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pdf.png2N3866 - Silicon UHF NPN transistor
pdf.png2N2223 - Silicon NPN dual gp transistor
pdf.png2N2483 - Silicon NPN low level high gain amplifier
pdf.png2N918 - Silicon epitaxial NPN transistor - HF
pdf.png2SA495 - Silicon PNP epitaxial transistor
pdf.png2SA970 - Silicon PNP epitaxial transistor
pdf.png2SD1060/2SB824 - NPN/PNP switching transistor
pdf.png2322 610 xxxxx - Philips NTC thermistor (disk)
pdf.png2322 600 xxxxx - Philips LDR resistor
pdf.png2N2160 - Silicon UJT transistor
pdf.png2N2840 - Silicon UJT transistor
pdf.png2N3055 - Silicon NPN Mesa power transistor
pdf.png2222341xxxxx - Metallized capacitor mepolesco
pdf.png2N3600 - Silicon epitaxial NPN transistor
pdf.png2N1131 - Silicon PNP GP medium power transistor
pdf.png2N1132 - Silicon PNP GP medium power transistor
pdf.png2N1149 - Silicon NPN junction transistor
pdf.png2N1150 - Silicon NPN junction transistor
pdf.png2N1151 - Silicon NPN junction transistor
pdf.png2N1152 - Silicon NPN junction transistor