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pdf.pngU2043B - Flasher ic with pilot lamp
pdf.pngU2270B - Contactless read/write base station
pdf.pngU3741BM - UHF ASK receiver ic
pdf.pngU3759B - Universal telephone ic
pdf.pngU3760MB - Standard telephone circuit
pdf.pngU3761MB - Universal telephone ic
pdf.pngU3900BM - Telephone audio processor
pdf.pngU3961MB - Universal telephone ic
pdf.pngU4082B - Voice-switched handsfree ic
pdf.pngU4083B - Low power audioamp for telephone
pdf.pngUAA180 - Led light bar driver
pdf.pngUAF2115 - Speedometer / mileage indicator
pdf.pngUBA1702 - Line interrupt driver and ringer
pdf.pngUBA2014 - 600V FL Lamp driver
pdf.pngUC1701 - LCD STN controller / driver
pdf.pngUPD2114L - 1024x4 static ram
pdf.pngUPD7756 - ADPCM speech processor
pdf.pnguA796 - Double-balanced (de)modulator
pdf.pnguA702 - Wideband DC OpAmp
pdf.pnguA709 - High performance OpAmp