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pdf.pngOA79 - Germanium AM detection diode
pdf.pngOA85 - Germanium diode (high voltage)
pdf.pngOA95 - Germanium diode (general purpose)
pdf.pngOC71 - Germanium PNP transistor (general purpose)
pdf.pngOC72 - Germanium PNP transistor medium power
pdf.pngOM961 - Hybrid power audio amplifier
pdf.pngORP68 - Cadmium sulphide photo cell
pdf.pngORP69 - Cadmium sulphide photo cell
pdf.pngOQ2545HP - SDH/SONET laser driver
pdf.pngOM3105P - Hybrid inductive proximity detector
pdf.pngOM360 - Hybrid VHF/UHF wideband amplifier
pdf.pngOM4031T - Filter for FSK data receivers
pdf.pngOM4068 - LCD driver for low mpx rates
pdf.pngOM4085 - LCD driver for low mpx rates
pdf.pngOM5156M - Dual freq synthesizer for radio tel.
pdf.pngOM5193H - Disk drive spindel controller
pdf.pngOM5202 - Romless 8-bit microcontroller
pdf.pngOM5232 - Single chip 8-bit microcontroller
pdf.pngOM5234 - Single chip 8-bit microcontroller
pdf.pngOM5610 - Matchbox FM tuner