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pdf.pngD8255A - Programmable peripheral interface
pdf.pngDS1375 - 2-wire RTC with alarm
pdf.pngDS1721 - 2wire digital thermometer
pdf.pngDS18B20 - 1wire digital thermometer
pdf.pngDS18S20 - 1wire digital thermometer
pdf.pngDS3231 - RTC with i2c and crystal
pdf.pngDS3232 - RTC with i2c, crystal , and RAM
pdf.pngDM9368 - 7 segment decoder/CC driver
pdf.pngD7-190GH - Oscilloscope tube
pdf.pngDG1 - 1.5A Glass rectifier diode
pdf.pngD2T2218 - Silicon NPN dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T2218A - Silicon NPN dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T2219A - Silicon NPN dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T2219 - Silicon NPN dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T2904 - Silicon PNP dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T2904A - Silicon PNP dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T2905A - Silicon PNP dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T2905 - Silicon PNP dual transistor
pdf.pngD2T918 - Silicon NPN dual transistor